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Chirp: A Chiropractors Review

You've seen the advertisements all over the internet and television and now your probably wondering. Are these things legit?

Different forms of traction have been used in physical medicine since the 1800's starting with the Russian neurologist VM Bekhterev, who proposed the combination of body suspension with cervical traction. The goal of traction devices such as this one is to stretch the ligaments and muscles in and around the vertebral bodies of the spine. This alleviates points of tension throughout the back and will even create "popping" of the facet joints as the tension is released. I have seen several different types of traction devices in my time working as a chiropractor. I even use a form of traction table in my office that sees its fair share of use throughout each day. The chirps, minimalist design and ease of use make it the perfect at-home traction devise to use for sore backs and even headaches.

I must admit, the advertising and the product's sleek design were the first things that caught my eye. The soothing outdoor imagery, quiet back drop, and sounds of backs cracking will get any chiropractor smiling. Looking past the marketing, I have to say that this is a fine product that I would recommend to most patients that come into my office. As a specialist for spinal health, traction devices such as the Chirp are great for anyone you suffers from a sore back. Click the link to get yours today through Amazon. Thanks for visiting my website! Feel free to browse my other blog posts, and make sure to leave a product recommendation or ask any questions.

Have a great day!

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